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Video Fixing audio/video delay

Discussion in 'Audio/Video' started by Mickey, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Mickey

    Mickey New member

    I have many screens in a bar. Some screens are directly connected to cable-boxes (option A). Other screens show video (and audio) which is coming from multiple sources via multiplexers and modulators (option B).

    When comparing an identical image (and sound) between an option A screen and an option B screen - the image and sound on option B screen is delayed - it is lagging in time and showing as a delayed signal compared to option A.

    I'm looking for a device that will allow me to fine-tune the timing of the option A signal so that it will match the one showing on option B.

    I was looking at your HDMI Detective Plus - will this device accomplish this task? If not - can you recommend a product that will?

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