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Multi-screen Display port KVM

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Radiologist, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Radiologist

    Radiologist Guest

    I have been using the Adder AV4PRO-DVI-TRIPLE to control 3 high resolution monitors (1536x2048) with 4 different computers with DVI with appropriate graphics cards. Currently we have about 20 of these in our company that work well.

    However, I noticed there is a new product by Smart-AVI called the DPN‐4 Quad that theoretically can control 4 high resolution monitors with 4 different computers with DisplayPort output. Can you recommend or have experience directly using this product? In the past we have tried DP KVM's and they all suffer from problems when switching computers - ie Windows has to recognize the monitor again when switching so it is not true emulation. We would like to switch over to a DisplayPort KVM if this problem is overcome.
  2. Michael SmartAVI

    Michael SmartAVI Active member


    The DPN-4QUAD only has USB emulation.

    As a result, the lack of video emulation means that Windows has to recognize the monitor again when switching.

    It may take some time before this feature becomes supported.
  3. Radiologist

    Radiologist Guest

    Hello Michael

    Unfortunately I saw your thread reply too late after I had already ordered the DPN-4QUAD-S after talking with someone at the store. In my humble opinion a product that only emulates USB is not really a KVM and should clearly be advertised as such. I will stick with Adder products in the future.

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