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Serial Serial RJ45 console connection to either Raritan MasterConsole or Blackbox Servswitch

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Janice LeBlanc, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Janice LeBlanc

    Janice LeBlanc New member

    I'm looking for a serial converter that will work with my NETAPP FAS8060s (RJ45) connecting to either a Raritan MasterConsole KVM (CAT-5) or Blackbox SersvSwitch Ultra.

    I used to use a Raritan AUATC ascii terminal converter to PS/2 KB and VGA video, but this solution doesn't work with the newer CAT-5 KVMs.

    I read through your pages and I *think* the KA9140 Serial-console CAT-5 KVM dongle might work for the 4 netapps console devices to either my Blackbox KVM or Raritan KVM.

    Could you Please advise if this will work before I purchase it?
    --- Thanks,
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member


    The bottom line - it's hard to tell whether it will work.

    Your excellent research bringing up KA9140 as a solution appears to have everything in place to make it work. However, KA9140 is a proprietary product designed to interface between a serial device and an ATEN KVM switch. It may not work with a Raritan or BlackBox. While it's true that Raritan AUATC was also a proprietary product, it dealt with straight PS/2 & VGA connections for the KVM side, whereas KA9140 interfaces the KVM connection via RJ45 which may cause compatibility issues that didn't exist with Raritan AUATC.

    Hope this helps!
    We welcome your questions - please come back and ask us anything, anytime, or just offer your feedback.
  3. Janice LeBlanc

    Janice LeBlanc New member

    Thank you. I'm ordering one to test it out and will report back. -- Janice
  4. Janice LeBlanc

    Janice LeBlanc New member

    Hi Folks,
    okay I have received the KA9140 and tested connecting it to the Raritan MasterConsole KVM (CAT-5) switch
    using the cat 5 connection, and it does not work.

    However, when I connect the KA9140 to the server (NETAPP rj45 to serial) to the serial terminal port on the ka9140
    and hook up a separate vga monitor and ps/2 keyboard I am successful; (But this is just to prove that the settings and
    cabling works - as this is not a real solution because there's no kvm involved.)

    So, I then tested connecting the KA9140 using Raritan's dongle which has a vga + usb connector breakout to rj45.
    Since the KA9140 does not have a usb slot I tried using a usb -> ps/2 converter and plugged this into the
    vga and ps 2 connectors on the KA9140 and connecting the other end to the raritan rj45 switch. This proves
    to be HALF successful... I get the display correctly, but the raritan laptop like keyboard does not work.

    Do you have a recommendation as to how I can get the KA9140 to work with these devices?
    -- I ask because we are heavily invested in netapp and they will become more of an issue as we keep expanding...
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Janice LeBlanc

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