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The benefits of signing-up compared with posting as a guest

Guest or member? Post* as a guest, or sign-up?

Facebook log-inNo
Twitter log-inNo
Google + log-inNo
Initial information required

- Screen name (published)

- E-mail address (not published)

- Password

- Screen name (published)

- E-mail address (not published)

Information required for any subsequent post None

- Screen name (published)

- E-mail address (not published)

Receive e-mail notifications on responses to a thread started by you
Receive e-mail notifications on responses to a thread in which you posted
Attach files to your postNo
Receive HelpCenter alerts on responses to a thread started by youNo
Easy access to all threads started by youNo
Look up a collection of your previous postsNo
Follow another thread (and receive HelpCenter alerts on new posts to the thread)No
'Like' other postsNo
Vote on pollsNo
Follow other membersNo
Receive trophy points which translate into cash-back ClubPoints on kvmgalore.comNo

Whether you want to ask a technical question, make a suggestion or post your feedback, you can post as a guest. Simply click on Ask new question / Post new thread.

But there are a lot of benefits for signing up as a member, and it's fast and easy:

  • Log in with your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts, or
  • Create a KVMGalore HelpCenter user-name/password.

Here's the kicker - check the Stay logged in option and you'll never need to enter your log-in credentials again. Ever!

Either way, you will receive an email notifying you of a pending response to the thread you just started, but this is pretty much where the similarities between a guest and a member end.

As a member, you can also follow other threads on subjects that interest you and get HelpCenter alerts on new answers to your questions and new posts on the threads you're following.

But most importantly, as a signed-up member you can always access your content, a centralized collection of all the threads you've started, and all your posts throughout KVMGalore HelpCenter.

How is this beneficial?

Say you're planning a new project but you're not sure about the precise hardware that will get the job done:

Pick our brain by describing your application and asking us a question. A KVMGalore expert will respond with recommendations, or perhaps with follow-up clarification requests. We may go back and forth a number of times until all is clear and you have been presented with the solution you were looking for.

All good?

Say your project's implementation is delayed.

When you're ready to jump back into it in a few weeks, you could most definitely use a refresher on the solution's details. No need to do the work twice.

If you're a member, that's not a problem. Look up your content, identify the thread and - voila!

A guest? Unfortunately, you'll need to dive into your inbox, look for all the e-mails you received from KVMGalore HelpCenter and sort through them to identify the ones pertinent to this particular project (assuming, of course, those e-mails weren't deleted).

Finally, as a member, you receive trophy points for your activity on KVMGalore HelpCenter (threads, posts, 'Likes' you receive, etc.). The more active you are, the more trophy points you get, which translates into cash-back ClubPoints on

* By 'post' we mean:

Post your initial question, feedback or suggestion (start a thread);

Answer follow-up responses to your thread;

Respond to other threads

Nov 1, 2014
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