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Switch Adder switching between two computers and touchscreen

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Robert N, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Robert N

    Robert N New member

    We are interested in KVM Adder switches. We though about three products:


    We need to use it for switching between two computers and touchscreen. What is important here there should be no latency - the switching should be made without any disruptions or delay. We though about Adder because of its "True Emulation USB 2.0 technology". Is it the same technology as DDM (Dynamic Device Mapping) described here.

    The second feature is OPTIONS port, as we need control switching by external sGPI signal (shorting circuit).

    Also we don't need DVI/VGA ports, only USB will be switched, so we will not connect any video signals to the KVM switch. Does it affect in any way seamlessly switching? I have concerns especially in case of DVI version as these are digital signals.

    Don't know about ADDER CCS-PRO4 - it is more expensive. I heave never use such switch and don't know how it will work in the described application.

    Please advise if you have some experience here.

    And also two questions regarding the delivery and payment:

    1. Do you accepet bank wire transfer?
    2. Could you send us the parcel using our UPS account number (shipping via UPS Saver at our expense)?

    Best regards,
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member


  3. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member


    Since you're not looking to switch video, but you are looking to have a touchscreen, we are not clear on your application:
    1) How many touchscreens will you have at your console - one or two?
    2) Since the video to the touchscreen will not be coming from the KVM switch - where will it be coming from?
    3) Are you looking to have one keyboard/mouse set at your console to be used to control each computer via the KVM switch?

    Please advise.

    If you can provide a diagram depicting your setup, that could be very helpful.
  4. Robert N

    Robert N New member

    The setup is as follows:
    1. There are one video wall and one touchscreen.
    2. Touchscreen is connected to console in KVM switch (USB).
    3. Two computers are connected to KVM switch (USB only).
    4. The computers will be generated some graphics dispalayed on touchscreen. It will be mixed with video mixer. The video path is a little complicated and it doesn't matter as it is completely outside of the KVM switch.
    5. These two computers will be generated some interactive content which should be controlled by touchscreen. Both will have dual head GPU card - one Windows display will be used for applications GUI and one for displaying clean content to touchscreen. Both computers will have connected mouse and keyboard.
    6. User using OPTIONS port in the KVM switch will be select the application to use interactively with touchscreen.
    7. Both applications cannot exist on the same computer so I need to switch the USB touchscreen to one computer or other.

    The important case here is that should happen without any disruptions or latency. No scanning USB bus, detecting USB devices or other similar processes can occur here. As I mentioned - we need to switch USB only. Forget about the video singnals. The only importand case is if absence of video signal can affect USB switching. If not then we prefer DVI as it will be more useful for other future purposes. If there is any chace than KVM switch can affect USB switching beacuse of no DVI devices (i.e. switch will try to check/finding the DVI devices), the we prefer VGA or USB only switchers - AV4PRO-VGA, ADDER CCS-PRO4.
    Also I don't know if ADDER CCS-PRO4 could be used to the described application.
  5. Hi Robert,

    CCS-PRO4 and AV4PRO series switches have two types of USB connections, emulated and enumerated.
    Emulated ports support USB HID devices, enumerated (also referred to as switched) ports support all USB 2.0 devices.
    The touch screen would need to be connected to one of the switched/enumerated ports. At channel changes, devices connected to enumerated ports are disconnected from one system and are reconnected to the next computer which causes the USB device enumeration process to start on the computer. Since one of your requirements is to have no 'disruption or latency' the switches above would not work in your application.

    Best regards,

    Adder Technical Services
  6. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member


    If all you are looking for is to be able to share the touch-screen (USB) functionality between two computers, you may be better off using a USB switch/sharing device.

    US221A for example, will allow you to connect your one touch-screen (USB) to two computers, and will allow you to switch the touch-screen (USB)'s control functions between the two connected computers.
  7. Robert N

    Robert N New member

    Why can't we connect the touch screen to the emulated ports? In this way, according to the manual there should be no enumeration during switching process and it should be faster:

    "True Emulation allows the complete identity of the keyboard and mouse to be copied and then presented to all of the connected computers. This means that any keyboard offering specialist function keys or any mouse with extra features will be fully supported at each computer. As with the previous emulation method, the unselected computers will continue to see the identities of the keyboard and mouse, which means that no enumeration is necessary when their link becomes active once again. This not only helps to speed up the rate of reconnection, but also raises the reliability of switching because USB links are at their most vulnerable during the enumeration process."
  8. Robert N

    Robert N New member

    Do you have some KVM or USB switch in you offer which support DDM (Dynamic Device Mapping), according to this advice:
    There is no information about that in Aten US221A description.
  9. The device that you're hoping to connect to the switch is a touch screen, not a keyboard or a mouse. Unfortunately, not all USB devices can be emulated. Touch screens might be HID devices but are not emulated by the switch. Many DDM switches work the same way when it comes to instant switching, they only work with most but not all keyboards/mice.
  10. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member

    US221A does not support DDM. Attached devices will be detected and mounted when the port is switched to a PC, and disconnected and unmounted when switched away.

    Working on finding a USB switching solution for you that DOES support DDM.

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