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Question Bi-directional HDMI extender?

Discussion in 'Audio/Video' started by Jackster, May 6, 2019.

  1. Jackster

    Jackster New member

    I've got an interesting need. I have a Cisco RoomKit, which has two major parts. The camera/speakerbar, and the codec.


    The camera/speakerbar sends video out to the codec; the codec sends audio to the speakerbar.

    In my environment, the two devices are seventy feet apart. I'm currently using a Redmere HDMI cable, with the codec on the receive end. It works, but I get occasional video dropouts, so want to replace the RedMere cable with a different solution.

    Unfortunately, the bidirectional need of this configuration disqualifies the standard type of extender over CAT-5/6.

    Suggestions on a viable option would be appreciated.


  2. Jackster

    Jackster New member

    So, a little more research... looks like my solution will be to use an HDMI extender which supports ARC (Audio Return Channel). I'll update this forum post if it works out.

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