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KVM Cables for CS84U

Discussion in 'Cables' started by Andrew A, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Andrew A

    Andrew A New member

    I have KVM CS84U (bought from your website).
    I need a 10 foot cable to connect PC with PS/2 or/and via USB port.

    I found two cables:
    1) ATEN 2L5203UP, and
    2) ATEN 2L5303UP.

    What is the different between them?
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member

    Your CS84U KVM switch is designed to support any mix of USB or PS/2 computers, using either USB or PS/2 keyboard/mouse as your console.

    At the bottom of the product page we list the cables compatible with CS84U. For 10 feet you'll find the 2L5303UP.
    This cable is designed to get connected either to a USB computer or to a PS/2 computer.
    These listed cables are compatible with your CS84U KVM switch and should be the only ones to use.

    The other cable you mentioned (2L5203UP) is a special "intelligent" cable. it is...
    a) Designed to get connected ONLY to a USB computer
    b) Designed to get connected ONLY to a switch that ONLY supports PS/2 (thus converting the USB signal from the computer to be correctly interpreted by the PS/2 switch).
    You do not want to use 2L5203UP with your CS84U KVM switch.

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