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Question CK Lau 4-port KVM. No Audio

Discussion in 'Audio/Video' started by Milobobs, May 3, 2021.

  1. Milobobs

    Milobobs Guest

    I have this KVM I recently purchased.


    I have 2x Intel NUC PC's

    -Each NUC has it's own monitor with the HDMI cable running directly from each monitor to the NUC
    -Each NUC has USB cable from the KVM Switch plugged in.
    -Their picture stays on their perspective monitors. When the device is selected with the KVM I can use main PC's keyboard and mouse.

    -Main PC also has it's own dedicated monitor. So i am currently NOT using the hdmi output on the KVM Switch. KVM is more for peripherals.
    -Main PC has the USB cable connected to the KVM. Along with the Green/Pink headphones/microphone jacks.


    When i'm on my main PC, i get sound coming from headphones I have plugged into the wrong side of the KVM.

    When I switch to either of the NUCs, I get no audio. The intel NUCs have NO green/pink ports. only HDMI and USB.

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