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Switch Conference-room video switching

Discussion in 'Audio/Video' started by Michael C, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Michael C

    Michael C New member

    In a conference room I have three data-boxes, each with HDMI output.
    I also have one HDMI cable running from the conference table to a projector.

    Data-boxes are used by guests who come in with their laptop, connect to the data-box so that their video gets displayed via the projector.

    I want to set up a device that will have these three data-boxes constantly connected to the projector, so that I could easily switch between the sources to determine which one is being displayed by the projector.

    Ideally, the device should be hidden under the conference table, so that some sort of remote switching capability is required. Better yet - if the device could automatically switch to the most recently connected live feed - that would be great.

    Can you recommend a solution?
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member

    Yes. An HDMI switch with at least 3 inputs and one output will do the trick.

    To facilitate hiding the switch under the table, you could consider two options:

    1) Deploy a switch that can be controlled via an infrared (IR) remote control, such as GTV-HDMI1.3-441N or GTB-HD4K2K-441-BLK.
    The IR operation requires line of sight between the remote control and the switch.

    2) Deploy a switch that can detect the most recently connected live feed and automatically switch to that port, such as VP-440 or DIP-30 (although it supports only 2 HDMI inputs, while the 3rd input is VGA).

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