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Question Dual monitor and PC setup where both monitors are active and can be switched between PCs

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Otchey3000, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Otchey3000

    Otchey3000 New member

    Hello KVM Galore team,

    I wanted to reach out to you all about a dual monitor and dual PC workflow that I'm having trouble coming up with a solution for. I'm looking for some kind of KVM or Multi Viewer that can take 2 monitors and switch both of them independently between 2PCs. A traditional KVM solution will not work. I can't have one monitor going to 2 PCs because the second workstation needs to be displaying it's output on a monitor at the same time as the first PC is displaying its output to a different monitor. I then need to be able to change which PC is sending it's output to which monitor.

    Or to put it another way:
    - PC A displays to Monitor A
    - PC B displays to monitor B

    Switching between

    - PC A displays to Monitor B
    - PC B displays to monitor A

    Where all PCs and monitors are actively in use.

    I've also included a quick MS Paint sketch below, basically I'm looking for either the green lines to be active at the same time or the yellow lines to both be active.


    Thank you in advanced for any help or feedback you can provide. It is greatly appreciated as I'm really struggling to come up with a device to facilitate this workflow. I am also looking to purchase multiple examples of a valid solution to this problem and would be happy to do so from your store.

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