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Video Wall EZWall-Pro 3x3

Discussion in 'Audio/Video' started by Bernard N, May 16, 2018.

  1. Bernard N

    Bernard N New member

    I'm looking at EZWall-Pro 3x3, and I'm wondering whether I can set it up to (occasionally) work with less than 9 monitors.

    Occasionally I'd like to connect only 4 monitors, creating a 2x2 video wall, and in other occasions I may want to connect 6 monitors, creating a 3x2 video wall.

    Can I accomplish this using EZWall-Pro 3x3?
  2. Michael SmartAVI

    Michael SmartAVI Active member

    Hello Bernard,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Unfortunately you cannot do this with the EZWALL-Pro 3x3. It supports the basic 3x3 format only.

    For your project I would recommend the MXWALL-LT-0412. This system has 4 inputs and 12 outputs, but with it you can connect up to 12 monitors in any configuration you would like.

    You can build up to three 2x2 video walls if you wanted, or a 3x2 and a 2x2 with the 2 remaining screens playing other content.

    If you require less than 9 screens, the MXWALL-LT-0408 could be a good alternative.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

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