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Suggestion Free shipping

Discussion in 'SUGGEST - How can we improve?' started by Simon, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Simon

    Simon Guest

    I live in Canada.

    Your site says I get free shipping, but then it doesn't give me free shipping. I can figure out that it's because I'm shipping to Canada.

    But if you want good customer service, your site should recognize that based on my Canada shipping address you don't offer free shipping.

    Continuing to state "FREE shipping" as your site does even though you're not offering me free shipping since I'm shipping to Canada is misleading.
  2. Customer Service

    Customer Service Staff Member

    Good point!
    We are in the process of upgrading our web site and this issue has been added to the list of things to address.
    Once implemented, the FREE shipping offer will take into account your shipping address, so that it will not show if your shipping address does not qualify for free shipping.
    Thanks for your comment.
  3. Customer Service

    Customer Service Staff Member

    This did take longer than expected, but it is now implemented.

    And so, when logged in, the FREE SHIPPING offer will take into account the shipping address you entered (or selected from your account's address book) and will show ONLY if the shipping zone qualifies for free shipping.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

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