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IP Gefen EXT-DVIKA-LANS: How to connect?

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Helge Fjogstad, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. Helge Fjogstad

    Helge Fjogstad New member

    I just bought a set of Gefen KVM gen 2.0, the EXT-DVIKA-LANS to be correct. The RX I can connect to through the IP address it gives me on the monitor, but the TX there is no way to find out what the IP address is as the monitor does not show anything and the software Syner-G is not supported, even though the manual says we should use it. So how on earth am I supposed to connect these two?

  2. Helge Fjogstad

    Helge Fjogstad New member

    It appears to be a problem with the sender. The receiver cannot find the transmitter/sender, and the Remote IP is therefor "unknown". Even when they are connected directly as described in the manual. I suspect it to have a fault, as I can get the local IP address for the local IP/RX, but not the TX/sender.
  3. Helge Fjogstad

    Helge Fjogstad New member

    Well I'll be d****...! After 10 hours of trying to find out what the problem is, I send emails to Gefen support, to this forum and to KVM Galore about the problems, and suddenly the two items appear in the Syner-G software (I have not done ANYTHING different), and suddenly I have the IP address for the sender also and can log in to it.

    However, the receiver still does not find the sender/transmitter, even after setting up new IP addresses and connecting them. And funny enough, after I changed the IP addresses on both, they now does not appear in Syner-G (Yes, I have changed IP on the PC with Syner-G as well). So now what..?
  4. Customer Service

    Customer Service Staff Member

    Hello Helge,

    Thank you for reaching out on our HelpCenter.

    Technical help with installation and/or product now working properly is provided by the manufacturer of your device.

    Please click on the Troubleshoot link on the menu at the top to look up your manufacturer's technical support contact information.

    Hope this helps!
    We welcome your questions - please come back and ask us anything, anytime.

    Important note: To continue this discussion - please respond via KVMGalore HelpCenter thread, NOT via e-mail.
  5. Customer Service

    Customer Service Staff Member

    Hello Helge,

    On January 13, 2022, we sent you an email stating that Gefen is asking for the serial number of the defective unit.
    We have not heard back from you.
    Please respond if you need us to further assist you in your efforts to get a replacement unit from Gefen.

    Waiting to hear back from you.

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