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Switch KVM Switch, Local Printer not working.

Discussion in 'KVM' started by it2isso, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. it2isso

    it2isso Guest

    I purchased an IOGEAR 2 Port Cable KVM Switch to connect my laptop and my desktop to the same monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    Desktop: Windows 10
    Laptop: Windows 10

    I have a Printer that is directly connected to the desktop via USB.

    Before i installed the switch, the printer worked fine. After install, it only prints the first page, then restarts the job over again and only prints the first page in a loop. It says it errored out but i am not able to locate the exact error. I cannot find any information online on why this would be happening. I have updated all of the drivers on the PC, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and its driver package. I have removed the switch bought another one. I called tech support at IOGEAR but they would not help me as the printer isn't running through the switch, but you would think that since their product is causing the printer to not work they would assist, but no. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member

    Hello it2isso,

    Thank you for reaching out on our HelpCenter.

    Before we can assess your issue, we need some additional information about your setup. Please advise:
    1) What is the model number of the IOGEAR switch you are trying to use?

    Important note: To continue this discussion - please respond via KVMGalore HelpCenter thread, NOT via e-mail.

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