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KVM Looking for a compatible KVM

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Tuc, Apr 9, 2023.

  1. Tuc

    Tuc Guest


    Looking for a 1U, short, 8 port, HDMI KVM. At minimum, it must allow changing by buttons and keyboard sequence. I've had issues with 2 other KVMs and want to make sure I don't make it 3.

    Jidetech had issues if I plugged my keyboard into their "special" keyboard port. I type "q", but see a "m". I type "w" but see an "a". Typing "e" does nothing. "r" gives a "3". "t" does nothing, and "y" gives a "3". "u" does nothing and "y" does an "m". "o" gives an "a" and "p" gives an "e". If I move the keyboard to the standard USB port, I lose the ability to invoke the keyboard sequence to switch ports.

    With the Tesmart, that also happened, but besides that when switching back to a dual monitor Mac it didn't work (black screen), and when initially switching to a Raspberry Pi I got fuzz, but could switch away and back to resolve it.

    Is there something I can do/run/test/etc to help ensure that whatever is purchased will work.

    Thank you, Tuc
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member

    Hello Tuc,

    Thank you for reaching out on our HelpCenter.

    We can't speak for Jidetech or for Tesmart, as we do not carry these brands - we only carry top-tier leading brands.

    Anyone of these 6 models, 8-port HDMI KVM switches supporting push-buttons and hot-key keyboard switching will do the job for you.

    Hope this helps!
    We welcome your questions - please come back and ask us anything, anytime. You may also give us a call at 1-800-636-3434 for further clarifications on this thread.

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  3. Tuc

    Tuc Guest

    So there is nothing you would want me to test/run/do/etc before purchasing to ensure that there isn't an RMA? You're confident that those would work out of box?
  4. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member

    Obviously, we are not familiar with the unique parameters of your setup and environment, but we are confident that any of these recommended KVM switches do the job they are intended to do, and do it well!

    Hope this helps!

    Important note: To continue this discussion - please respond via KVMGalore HelpCenter thread, NOT via e-mail.

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