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Question Multiviewer switch help

Discussion in 'KVM' started by Small Biz, Aug 17, 2023.

  1. Small Biz

    Small Biz Guest

    Hi, I'm posting here per my chat with your team. I'm trying to find a multiviewer switch that takes inputs from minimum of 3 input devices (assume HDMI, but we're flexible), and shows these inputs in 3 different sections of a single TV. These 3 sections need to be custom designed by us as we test and learn what works for our customers.

    We have two open questions.

    1) MV switch that allows custom display areas: All the MV switch products we have viewed so far enable a fix set of display modes that do not allow us to divide up the screen as we need.

    2) App input feasibility: We would like one of the inputs to be connected to a media app and display as a ticker at the bottom section of the screen. There are apps (CNN, Fox) that provide the input. However, based on our conversation, I believe this needs to be further researched and assess if it's feasible.


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