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Question Order #13404

Discussion in 'ASK - Get real answers from the experts' started by MOHAMED AHMED, Sep 22, 2022.


    MOHAMED AHMED New member

    the assigned shipping date is too far from today

    I did order before doesn't take all of this time to ship

    why this long time
    I want to make a schedule orders

    by this way it will take a long time

    please advice
  2. Customer Service

    Customer Service Staff Member

    Dear Mohamed,

    Thank you for reaching out on our HelpCenter.

    Order #13404 is shipping out to you directly from the manufacturer.
    Based on their current shipping load, this order's shipment has been pushed back a few days, but we will try to have them ship it sooner.

    Hope this helps!
    We welcome your questions - please come back and ask us anything, anytime. You may also give us a call at 1-800-636-3434 for further clarifications on this thread.

    Important note: To continue this discussion - please respond via KVMGalore HelpCenter thread, NOT via e-mail.

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