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Dry-Contact Smoke detectors that work with Watchdog 100

Discussion in 'Environment Monitors' started by Peter Sc, May 19, 2020.

  1. Peter Sc

    Peter Sc New member

    I'm still trying to understand smoke detectors that work with Watchdog 100.

    1) The Geist/Vertiv units are only smoke, not CO and/or fire detectors?

    2) Whatever they are, they are really expensive compared to other options. Are there competitive units that work with Watchdog 100?

    3) I'd like to use them in un-insulated farm buildings. They will experience freezing temp, and there will be condensation. Experienced comments appreciated.

    4) Smoke Detectors qualify for regular analog input? - the 4 channels on a Watchdog 100?

    5) Is there some kind of break-out device if one wanted to install, say, 6 smoke detectors?

    6) Are there contacts to be able to hard wire a remote audible alarm?

    Thanks for reliable pre-sales information.
  2. Chris R

    Chris R Member

    Hi Peter,
    1) The Geist/Vertiv units are Smoke only.
    2) Senors from other companies will work as long as they have a dry contact trigger to connect to the Watchdog 100.
    3) Our smoke detectors are not suited for freezing temperatures or condensation. Finding a hardened sensor from another company and connecting to a Watchdog 100 would be the best path.
    4) Yes, a smoke detector would use one of the Watchdog 100's analog input ports.
    5) You could use our A2D converter. This will allow you to connect an additional smoke detector to the Watchdog 100. The A2D will utilize a digital sensor port. The Watchdog 100 supports up to 4 digital sensors, so you would be able to connect up to 4 additional smoke detectors utilizing 4 A2Ds.
    6) The Watchdog 100 offers a relay output. You could connect a piezoelectric audible alarm and configure the Watchdog 100 to trigger that relay output when a smoke detector goes off.

    Hope this helps!
    We welcome your questions - please come back and ask us anything, anytime.

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