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Video Wall Two video walls using 70" TVs

Discussion in 'Audio/Video' started by Arthur A, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. Arthur A

    Arthur A New member

    Please help me in the selection of equipment I will need for this project. Cost needs to be the lowest possible using very good equipment.

    We will have two video walls using 70" TVs (4 TVs per wall). We plan on purchasing these TVs from a big box store.

    One wall in the front of the sanctuary, one in the back. See pictures below.

    The control booth is to the rear center of the sanctuary (room). We will have no problem getting cabling from control booth to VWs (video wall). The furthest run is to the front VW, 90 feet.

    We will need the ability to select between 2 inputs to view on the VW:
    Input A is the video from our video mixer.
    Input B is the graphics (PowerPoint) from the PC.
    The selected input will always be displayed on Both VWs. This input selection is done at the control booth.

    We need to get the input video signal from control booth to VWs. We do not require audio at the VW.

    Distribution of the video among the 4 TVs in each VW. We will not want any variance in the video distribution among the 4 TVs . We will always use the 4 TVs for ONE image.

    Because of the distance between the control booth and screens, we think we will need some sort of RF distribution for the TV remotes. Direct RF blasters attached to each TV would assure simultaneous response from the TVs. Maybe we need the RF for the VW processors also.

    Regarding the Video Wall processor, I have been advised to make sure we get a VW processor that will perfectly FRAME LOCK the 4 TVs.

    Pictures did not copy to this form. Send me you e-mail and I\'ll forward the pictures.

    Please call if you have questions.

    Kind regards,

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