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Wall-Plate Wall-plate for AV cables

Discussion in 'Cables' started by Dean, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Dean

    Dean New member

    I'm looking for a wall-plate (can be double-gang) that will have:
    1 HDMI connector
    1 USB connector
    1 Coax connector
    3 RCA connectors
    Can you recommend a solution for this?
  2. KVMGalore Expert

    KVMGalore Expert Staff Member


    Use this double-gang wall-plate that comes with three RCA connectors and four empty Keystone inserts.

    Then use HDMI, USB and Coax inserts to fill the empty slots with the connectors you need.

    You may want to fill the 4th empty slot with a blank insert.

    We sent you an email with a quote.

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