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I/O Watchdog--watching buttons

Discussion in 'Environment Monitors' started by mark-r, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. mark-r

    mark-r Guest

    Wanted to know if I could use the Watchdog 15, and connect it to a switch, so that just pressing a button will send an email?
    Also, instead of a switch, could I use a voltage level to trigger an email, such as o-5 volt.
    How many external switches could be attached?
    How many email address per button?
    Finally, which model of Watchdog can do external switches, if any?
    A lot of questions. hope someone can answer.
  2. Chris R

    Chris R New member

    Hi Mark-R,
    The Watchdog 15 can potentially have a switch connected. You would need to use an Analog to Digital (A2D) converter to make the connection. Other models that you could connect a switch to that would not require the A2D would be the Watchdog 100, 1200, and 1250. You could also use a 0-5VDC trigger if needed. The total amount of switches that can connect to a device depends on the Watchdog model (see below for the breakdown). All Watchdog models will store 5 email addresses. Per switch you could email any combination of the 5 stored emails on the device.

    Watchdog 15 - 4 switches total using 4 A2Ds
    Watchdog 100 - 8 switches total using the 4 on-board analog ports and 4 A2Ds
    Watchdog 1200 - 3 switches
    Watchdog 1250 - 3 switches


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