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Sensor Water Leak Detection Switch

Discussion in 'Environment Monitors' started by Jon Moore, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Jon Moore

    Jon Moore Guest

    Basic question, but this water leak detection is a bit new to me. I am looking for a simple Form C switch action for sensing water detection around the perimeter of the room. I need about 150 feet around the perimeter. I do not need nor want emails and pages, just a NO and NC set of contacts for remote alarming. Is there a basic solution? Thanks, Jon
  2. Chris R

    Chris R Member

    Hi Jon,
    There is a simple solution. Something like the WSCK-120 would provide the contact closure you want. It is just a sensor and does not have the ability to send email alerts. Additional sensing cables can be added to the kit to meet the length you need. You can find those additional cables here.
  3. Tammy Kuhn

    Tammy Kuhn Member

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